Navigating Emotional Minefields When Giving Performance Feedback

By Guy Harris As a supervisor, it is absolutely necessary that you provide your employees with performance feedback. For new supervisors, the process is often challenging and uncomfortable. After all, it is not easy for everyone to criticize others. That said, you can’t avoid it. Just remember that the words you use are only part […]

FAQ Series: Getting Clear Expectations by Kevin Eikenberry via Bud to Boss

FAQ Series: Getting Clear Expectations

Clear expectations are the foundation of great performance. Check out today’s video for an easy 5-step process to help you set clear expectations. Listen to the audio for this episode here: audio Expectations become clear through conversation, agreement, and writing them down. @KevinEikenberry CLICK TO TWEET

innovation infographic

[Infographic]: 7 Ways to Nurture Innovative Thinking and Change

As a new supervisor, your only concern right now may be to take over the team, without making a mistake that makes everyone doubt your leadership skills. You may just be focused on doing the job, without rocking the boat, so to speak, until you feel more comfortable managing your new duties. The idea of making […]


Lead the Way You Would Like to Be Led

From Leadership & Learning with Kevin Eikenberry Why is it that some leaders can easily gain compliance from the people they are trying to lead, while others struggle? What leadership skills are necessary to successfully build and lead a unified team? The answers to those questions vary, depending on whom you ask, but one skill that is […]