Should Leaders Keep Their Distance?

Today’s question is a sticky one, and one that I bet almost every leader can relate to at some point or another in their career… Do you see the need to maintain some type of distance between a leader and followers? Recognizing the difference between a leader and their followers doesn’t have to create distance. […]


Get Uncomfortable! 5 Reasons to Make Discomfort Your Friend

By Kevin Eikenberry Ahh, the comfort zone. As humans, we strive for comfort. We covet, look for and have created products and even entire industries to help us find and maintain high levels of comfort (hello Lazy-Boy!). We are hard wired to seek physical, mental and emotional comfort. Given that, you might be surprised by […]


Seven Key Actions to Greater Personal and Professional Development

By Kevin Eikenberry “What did you learn today?” It’s a question that sounds familiar to most of us. You were likely asked it when you were a kid. And, if you are a parent, you’ve probably asked your kids the same question. But when was the last time you asked yourself that questions? “What did I […]


9 Communication Tips Every Young Manager Must Know

By Kevin Eikenberry If you want to be a great manager and leader, heed these 10 important bits of advice: Listen. We all need to spend WAY less time talking and A LOT more time listening. And I don’t mean just keeping your mouth shut for the sake of keeping it shut. I mean really listening. […]