FAQ Series: Getting People to Truly Understand

Are your employees saying “YES, I understand”, when they really DON’T? In the video below, you’ll learn some tips to ensure that there is real understanding in all of your communications. Listen to the audio for this episode here: audio Do you want people to understand or take action? Remember they aren’t the same thing. […]


Make the JUMP to Better Decisions

By Kevin Eikenberry In 1919 Leslie Irvin made a decision. He decided to jump from an airplane. He wasn’t the first to jump from a plane; and it wasn’t even the first time he jumped from a plane. In fact, he had been jumping for five years. But on April 28, 1919, Leslie did something […]


The High Cost of Low Trust

By Kevin Eikenberry More and more often I find that  a centerpiece of leadership training we design for clients focuses on trust – understanding it and understanding how to build it. When thinking about trust, the following quotation from Ralph Waldo Emerson comes to mind:  “Our distrust is very expensive.” I love that thought, but with all […]