Kiss of Death: Breaking Team Trust

By Sheri Staak Honesty takes courage, consistency, and confidence. Great leaders don’t need to be perfect, but they need to possess a self-assuredness and fearlessness that enable them to act truthfully, acknowledge their shortcomings, and admit their mistakes. Only then can they garner the respect of their team members and, by way of example, teach […]


3 Ways to Deal with an Angry Person

By Guy Harris How do you like dealing with an angry person? If you’re like most of the people I know, you hate it. While some people seem to have a knack for helping others “back off the edge,” most people feel at least a little bit nervous or apprehensive about such situations, especially new managers who […]


Motivate Employees with Positive Language

You can motivate and inspire your employees simply by choosing to use positive language. Ensure that your word usage is motivating employees and making them enthusiastic about the work. So instead of saying: “I can,” say “I sure can. “I can’t,” say “I wish I could.” “Yes,” say “Absolutely.” “You are correct,” say “That’s exactly […]


Does Your Signage Send the Right Message?

This is a guest post by Catherine Welborn, business writer and editor. I’m a big fan of Dan Pink’s blog, and I particularly look forward to posts in his ongoing series, emotionally intelligent signage. The examples he posts are always thought-provoking, and the series has made me pay a lot more attention to the signage […]