2 Lessons From Your July 4th Barbecue

By Kevin Eikenberry Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, and in the United States, that means fireworks, parades and crowds of people wearing red, white and blue. Additionally, a good percentage of Americans will celebrate the 4th of July tomorrow by hosting or attending a cookout, barbecue or picnic. And most will overindulge in food and […]

Bud to Boss: When Your Team Doesn't Want to Change

FAQ Series: When Your Team Doesn’t Want to Change

Change is hard and it’s even harder when an individual doesn’t believe in it or see the good in it. Watch today’s video for tips that you can use as a leader to help successfully initiate change. B2B Q&A – When Your Team Doesn’t Want Change Force doesn’t work. Leaders must help the team choose […]

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New Leadership Role? These Should Be Your First Steps

By Kevin Eikenberry Every day people are promoted into new positions of leadership. If you are among those ranks and taking on your first leadership role—whether you will occupy the c-suite, a corner office or a cubicle on the shop floor—here are the very first steps you should take to ensure your success in your new supervisory role. #1 Take a leadership […]


[Infographic]: The No. 1 Key to Unlocking Employees’ Potential

Even brand-new managers have the ability to fully engage their direct reports, and doing so is much simpler than you think. It doesn’t always require fancy perks and big salaries. As this infographic developed by 15Five shows, all it really takes is a manager with strong communication skills.